CDM Registered Power Plant For Sale

7.5 MW Bio mass based Power Plant For Sale at 60 kms from Raipur, Chhattisgarh ,INDIA

The Company is presently engaged in manufacturing of Power from non conventional sources & promoting the biomass-based power plants in different states. The Plant for sale is  7.5 MW Bio mass based power plant located at Chhattisgarh State, has commenced the production in 2007 and running successfully at 90% plf .

The Company had set up 7.5 MW installed capacity of biomass based power plant in Chhattisgarh state.,  with 7920 Hrs Annual operating period with 90% Plant Load Factor. It had installed one 35TPH Boiler supplied from Cethar Vessels, one 8 MW Turbine from Triveni Engineering Industries Pvt Ltd. The Plant Gross power Generation is 7500 KW, auxiliaries’ consumption is 900 KW and Net exportable power is 6600 MKWH to the 33 KV state Grid of CSEB. 

The Plant is generating steam from the biomass fuels like Rice husk, Poultry Litter, and Coal etc. Rice husk is easily available, and nearly 300 Rice mills located with in the Radius of 40 – 50 kms from the Plant. Poultry litter is abundantly available with nearly 30-40 poultry farms exist within the 40 kms radius of the plant and door delivered to the plant. We can expect around 100-150 tonnes Daily, we have already tied up with them. Coal mines are located at around 80 kms from the plant.

If Interested in this Project,Please contact us for more information


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  1. F.B.PATTANAYAK says:

    Yes. please provide me the details with business terms & conditions.

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